Can I customize the size of my ID lanyard?

Yes, absolutely. Please use the 'order notes' section when placing your order to let me know any changes in size you may need. The standard length of an ID lanyard is 32" in diameter and hangs down from your neck approximately 16".

How do I tether my lanyard to my knife?

  1. Find about a one foot section of string/thread and pass it halfway through the lanyard loop.
  2. Grab both ends of the string/thread and pass them through the lanyard hole.
  3. Use the string to pull the lanyard through.
  4. Pass the body of the lanyard through the lanyard loop.

Which cord should I choose for my knife, 275 or 550?

It will depend on the size of your lanyard hole. To tether a 550 cord, the lanyard hole will need to be large enough to pass two strands of 550 cord through it. If the lanyard hole is only large enough to pass a single strand of 550 cord, a 275 cord can be used. 275 cord is half the diameter of 550 cord.

Do you offer a discount on bulk orders?

We provide a 15% discount on orders of 50 items or more. To begin a bulk order, please contact us to discuss your needs in terms of products needed and your deadline. If we can meet your request, we will provide a discount code you can use at checkout.

Save 15% on bulk orders