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275 Paracord Zipper Pulls With 550 Paracord Center (3 Pack) | Choose From Over 100 Paracord Colors

275 Paracord Zipper Pulls With 550 Paracord Center (3 Pack) | Choose From Over 100 Paracord Colors

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The 275 Paracord Zipper Pulls with 550 Paracord Center (3 Pack) are carefully handmade accessories designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bags, backpacks, jackets, and more. These unique zipper pulls offer a perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Using 275 paracord at the attachment point allows fitment through smaller zipper holes where 550 paracord might not fit. Each zipper pull is crafted using high-quality US made 275 and 550 paracord, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.

- Handmade: Each zipper pull is meticulously handcrafted, adding a personal touch to your favorite items.
- With over 100 vibrant paracord colors to choose from, you can create a distinctive combination that reflects your style.

- The 3.5-inch length of these zipper pulls is designed to provide a comfortable grip, making zipper operation effortless.
- The inclusion of 275 paracord in the design allows for a perfect fit in smaller lanyard holes, where 550 paracord might not fit.

These zipper pulls are versatile and can be easily attached to any item with a zipper. Whether it's a backpack, jacket, purse, or any other item, these zipper pulls add a personalized touch and enhance the overall appearance. The wide range of paracord colors allows you to customize the lanyard according to your preferences, making it a perfect accessory to match your style.

Quality Assurance:
We take pride in using high-quality paracord materials in the construction of these zipper pulls. Our made-to-order process ensures attention to detail and craftsmanship. Each zipper pull is designed to withstand everyday use and provide a reliable and easy-to-grasp pull for smooth zipper functionality. With 3 zipper pulls per order, you can conveniently use them for a single item or multiple items.

Materials: 550 Paracord, 275 Paracord.

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Cora W
Always great work from this shop, love the...

Always great work from this shop, love their products.

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