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275 Quad Diamond Paracord Knife Lanyard | 58 Cord Colors | 5 Beads | Black | Silver | Vintage Silver | Gold | Vintage Gold

275 Quad Diamond Paracord Knife Lanyard | 58 Cord Colors | 5 Beads | Black | Silver | Vintage Silver | Gold | Vintage Gold

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The 275 Quad Diamond Paracord Knife Lanyard is a handcrafted accessory designed to securely and stylishly attach your knife. This lanyard features a visually appealing design, with four diamond knots, and a bead that together form the body of the lanyard. With a length of 3.75 inches, it offers ample reach and flexibility.

- Choose from a wide range of vibrant paracord colors, with a selection of 58 to match your personal style.
- Five bead color options allowing you to add a personalized touch.
- The lanyard is made using 275 paracord, which is half the diameter of 550 paracord, resulting in a sleek and lightweight feel.
- The intricate design of four diamond knots and a bead enhances the look of your knife, making it unique and eye-catching.

- Provides a secure attachment point for your knife, ensuring it won't be lost or misplaced during outdoor activities or everyday use.
- The 275 cord's smaller diameter allows it to fit lanyard holes that may be too small for 550 paracord, offering more versatility in knife compatibility.
- Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, everyday carry lovers, and knife enthusiasts who value both functionality and aesthetics.

This lanyard is designed to attach to your knife, serving as a practical and decorative accessory. The lanyard loop size is typically 2 inches, which fits most knives. However, if you require a different loop size, you can specify it in the personalization box. If you're unsure about the appropriate size, feel free to message us for assistance.

Quality Assurance:
Our 275 Quad Diamond Paracord Knife Lanyard is meticulously handcrafted using high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We prioritize durability and style, ensuring that each lanyard meets our rigorous standards. Please note that the price includes one lanyard only, and the knife and accessories shown in the images are not included.

Materials: Stainless Steel Bead, 275 Paracord.

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